Our Mission

ONX automation offers optimization services to business who wish to step-up their business towards more efficient and profitable production through the use of technology. We offer complete service, whether by automating a process, setting up a robotic cell, integrating technologies into an existing product or even analyzing data. Using an iterative approach, we deliver faster results at lower costs. At ONX Automation, we listen to your needs. We offer personalized solutions and support you in the adoption of new technologies in order to facilitate change management and make you autonomous in your operations.

We are committed to help businesses to evolve by helping them increase their performances and their rentability using new technologies. Our fuel is challenges, we like thinking out of the box to be able to propose innovative solutions based on your requirement.

We are relaying on field iterative process to deliver fast result within a shorter time frame and less cost.

Throughout your project, we support you in the integration of new technologies in order to facilitate change management in your team and to insure the operation become autonomous rapidely.