Our Team

Jasmin Provencher, P.Eng, - Associate 

Jasmin as an electrical engineering degree from Sherbrooke University. He has also acquired skill in off-road autonomous vehicles. 

Before starting the company, Jasmin was an automation specialist for a big mining company. He was notably responsible to automate production drill, for the deployment of remote scoop fleet and for the deployment paperwork digitalizing system. 

Borned in Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Jasmin founded ONX Automation to contribute to its region by offering local manufacturers and mining compagnies advanced expertise in technology. He stands out par by using field approach allowing the integration of the technology based on operational requirements. His strategy is to deliver a simplified solution as quickly as possible and to iterate in collaboration with the team in place until full integration is done.



Darren Trottier, P.Eng - Associate

Darren as an electrical engineering degree from Sherbrooke University. He has a vast experience in automation, instrumentation and control in the mining sector.

Darren worked on many overseas projects, notably in Africa, Suriname and Ecuador. Before joining the company, he was automation, instrumentation and control general foreman on a mining project in Ecuador. 

Darren has commissioned 4 majors projects, 1 in the oil and gas sector and 3 in gold mining sector. He is motivated solving complex challenges and love to optimize any kind of process to make the most of them.